Sealing the first of two fuel tanks

This past Sunday morning around 10am, my eldest Grandson and his long time girlfriend came to the shop to help me assemble with sealant, the first of two fuel tanks.  I mixed the FlameMaster sealant in batches of 30g.  It 80g to get the ribs in with the initial application of sealant.  I chose to use “method 2” as described in the builders manual and was under the impression that I would not be able to stop the building of the tank, until it was done.  I have since found that it is OK to stop at the point of installing the back, so will do that on the next one.

Grandson and Girlfriend painting ribs and tank skin with sealant.


Now hard at work finishing up the ribs so we can fold the skin and put it in the saddle.


Air vent installed and fuel pickup kept free of sealant.

05_20150503_VentLineInstalled0101_20150503_NoSealantOnPickupBack is installed and the exterior of the skin cleaned of all excess sealant.

Cleaned up all the clecos also.

Ready to move on to the next tank.