Progress on the Forward Fuselage

Now that the upper firewall has been prepared, I drill the holes for attaching it to the firewall.


Once the upper firewall and the instrument panel were attached, the “boot cowl” was drilled to the flanges on both the upper firewall and instrument panel. Then the boot cowl is marked for trimming to fit above the side skin. I took it to the EAA Chapter workshop to make the cuts and they came out perfectly.


Then I made the remaining dimples in the welded steel fuselage. This was easy as long as the squeezer could make contact on both sides of the steel tube. Where it could not, I had to resort to extreme measures and pound the dimple die with a hammer. I don’t like that way that worked out. Because of this, in hindsight, I would have used all protruded rivets on the forward and aft fuselage halves, and flush rivets most everywhere else.


The next step was to assemble the seat back. This was a very easy process and is almost complete now.


Having a great time building now and hope to be able to keep at it and get this plane to the airport by next November.