Panther fuselage halves are now attached

After getting a preliminary view of what it would be like to use the long benches for the joining process which was shown in the last post, I realized that I needed a much better method and work platform.  I came up with an idea and it started with making screw adjustable lift platforms.  Here is the one that I made and used on the tail end.  It is made with the better screw jacks and I thought that would be necessary for the high lift of the tail.  That turned out to not be the case and I wished I had used this for the front fuselage lift.  Anyway, it all worked out very well.


So, here is the initial set up.  I used the Workmate with a couple of 2X4 clamped in the center, for the starting height.  I built two boxes of different heights for the lift tables to be attached to.  The one on the tail, I could have made a little shorter to give more room for level adjustment.  You can see that the tail lift table is almost all the way down.  These were made using the bench tops that are no longer needed.


I used bubble and digital levels to get both parts of the fuselage on the same plane, and a string running down the center to allow me to get it straight.  It was a very meticulous process because it had to be right.  Once the commitment is made to start drilling the attachment holes, that is it, it has to be right.  So, I checked and checked and checked and checked some more until I could see no way that it wasn’t right.  Then I made the commitment.

20150801Commitment02Only, when I am flying it, will I know for sure if I got it right.  Having had everything set up prior to this morning, I spent the entire day doing all that checking and adjusting, sometimes adjusting just to be sure it was level and straight and then adjusting it back again.  By the end of the day, all attachments were made and here is a photo of the entire fuselage all in one piece.  Clecoe, of course and there is still much more to be done.