Locating SkyView modules in Aft Fuselage

Trying to find a good place for the modules that feed the SkyView and are good candidates for the Aft Fuselage location.  They must be protected from the baggage and installed according to the requirements.

SkyView Modules

SkyView Modules

The black unit on the bottom left is the ADSB In/Out.  It requires an antenna like the one for the transponder which is to it’s right.  The transponder is mode S.  This along with the ADSB gives me traffic and weather.  Both antennae will be mounted just aft of the unit and to the corresponding side of the aircraft.

The unit on top of the push tube cover is the ADAHRS.  This is what gives the attitude and other information to the SkyView and it must be mounted on the same plane as the aircraft.   Therefore, I will have to make an adjustable bracket on which to mount this module.

I believe this will provide easy access and meet the other requirements once I make protective boxes for those on the floor.