Building A Panther – LSA Version


Hello, This is Dan Heath or, PlaneDan.  I have just become a Panther builder, SN020.  Previously, I built two KR2 aircraft, both powered by VW engines. I converted the current KR, Black Bird, from VW power to Corvair power, which I like.  In doing that, I moved the fuel from a header tank to aluminum wing tanks.  Building those wing tanks was my introduction to working with aluminum construction.  However, this is not my most valuable asset for building the Panther, that would be all the RV Builder friends that are in EAA Chapter 242 at KCUB in Columbia SC.  I think they are as excited about this project as I am

My goal is to build her in 2 years and fly her to the 2015 Corvair college in Barnwell, SC. as the “Black Cat”.  I will be documenting my progress on this website.

You can see the documentation of the Black Bird, at: