Fuel Tanks Sealed but yet to be Leak Tested

On or around Sunday May the 3rd, I finished sealing up the fuel tanks.  On the first tank, you saw in a previous post that I had a couple of nice young persons helping me.  On this tank, I had a couple of nice old persons helping me.  My brother Dave and good friend and fellow Panther builder Bill, came over to give me the help and encouragement that I needed to get this done.

I had said in the previous post that I would use the existing gaskets for the sender, but have changed my mind due to some very negative comments about the rubber gaskets that I received from at least one RV builder.

All I have to show you in this post is a completed tank and a couple of associated photos.

03_SignedSealedAndDeliveredOne of the sealed tanks all cleaned up.


01_20150509_ProtectedPickupTo keep the pick up from getting sealant on the pickup, I took a piece of wide masking tape and folded it longwise, leaving a small strip of sticky so I could get it started on the pickup.  I added a strip of regular painters tape to finish the wrap.  The reason I folded the masking tape was so I would also not get sticky on the pickup grooves and also to make it easier to remove the tape when finished.



This is what the Acetone looked like after I finished cleaning the batch of clecos used on the second tank.  I let these sit in the Acetone, covered, for a couple of days till I could get ready to get back to it.  I did find that by holding the rivet, squeezed with the pliers, I got more off and it was easier because I could keep my right hand out of the Acetone and had better control over the cleco.


See construction details for a full description.