Fuel Tanks ready for Dimple and Sticky Stuff

My brother is going to come over to assist me with the dimpling of the tank skins ( easier that way ), so while waiting, I decided to take the time to do some of the “paper work”.  Basically, these tanks are easy, even for a first time builder, with the saddles and match drilling, it would be difficult to go wrong.  I did have to develop a process for performing two tasks and they are, aligning the fuel sender in the center of the hole and building the fuel pick up.  I also was taught a good way to install anchor nuts, so I have documented those processes along with the general build of the tanks.  For full construction details, click on this link:


Here is a preview:

To align the sender, I put the sender on the inside and clamp it where it looks to be in the center.  Then turned it over and drilled.  See details



I need to make a note here.  After doing this, I read Tony’s Picasa site on Fuel Tank Construction, again and noticed that he has a more simple way to center the sender.  I certainly “overthank” this one.






















Now above is showing how I installed the anchor nuts.  Since the holes in the tabs are the size of #40, I will use solid rivets for this.

Below is my 4th pickup tube.  I ruined my supply of 3/8 tubing on the first two, and had to order more, so I got 4 feet to be sure.  Then I proceeded to ruin #3, so decided to take a step back and devise a process for this that could be repeated.  See construction details for a full description.


FuelPickup1I straightened out the tubing as much as possible and started with a piece longer than required.




FuelPickup2I did some measuring and bending and then did a test fit.










FuelPickup3One more little bend and it made the grade.  Of course at that point it was too long, but I had gotten past the hard part.




See construction details at: