Fuel Tanks drilled and Clecoed

I got started back on the Panther on February 27, 2015.  Many of the parts that were on Back Order arrived this week.  It felt like Christmas.  Anyway, I now have most of the parts for the complete kit, but still missing some very important ones.  The best thing is that the Builders Manual and plans for the Fuel Tanks came out a little over a week ago and I had some time to study them.  Today, March 1, 2015, I have the fuel tanks all clecoed together with fuel sender and fuel cap.  I had some problems getting the geometry of the fuel pickup exactly right, so will order some more 3/8 tubing and give it a few more tries until I am satisfied with it.  The next step is to install the fuel vent, deburr, and dimple the skins and get up the motivation to tackle the final assembly of these tanks.  The goal is to have them finished and attached to the wing.  I will then take the wings to the hangar, giving me room in the shop to finish up the fuselage.

Pictures to follow when I get another break in building.