Fuel System for a FADEC engine

I have been working on the installation of the UL Power 350isa engine.  This engine is FADEC, which means “Fully Automated Digital Engine Control”.  An engine with fuel injection, requires that the fuel be pumped into the fuel delivery system under high pressure, thus delivering much more than the engine requires at a given time.  The un-used fuel flows thru the system and back into the fuel tank.  When using wing tanks, one in each wing ( in this case ), you need a fuel selector valve and the Panther Kit comes equipped with a bracket for installing such a valve, for a “normally aspirated” engine.  In researching the requirements for this engine, I found that the valve that used 1/8″ NPT fittings and would fit into the supplied bracket, did not allow for enough fuel flow back to the tanks, thus, I had to get the more expensive valve that has 1/4″ NPT fittings.  So, change one thing, change another.  When I got the valve, I found that it would not fit into the supplied bracket, thus requiring that I modify that bracket.  Here is the short version of how I did it.

First bolt on a platform for the bracket and build it so the area for the valve body will have room to fit in it.


This shows a plate on top of the supplied bracket and one under the bracket with a hole saw positioned to cut thru the top two layers, thus giving a larger area within the installed bracket for the body of the new valve.

This shows the body of the valve removed from the top plate of the valve and placed on top of the new bracket, for your viewing pleasure.

And last, here is the valve in a new resting place, all put back together. When completely finished, the bracket will be painted in the same color as the rest of the interior. One set of three fittings, receives the fuel from the selected tank and delivers it to the engine and the other set, receives the un-used fuel back from the delivery system and sends it back to tank from which it came.

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