Finishing more tasks associated with the forward fuselage

My last post was back in August when I was working joining the two halves of the fuselage, documented in Fuselage Assembly.  I got delayed by not being ready to move to the next step of bolting them together and some issues with water leak damage to my home.  We now have all that under control and during the Thanksgiving holidays I have been able to get back on the Panther.  I attended the Corvair College in Barnwell this year and Rachel was kind to bring up my canopy skirt, a bunch of back ordered parts, and had a Corvair mount for sale.  So I brought all that home and am now back on a roll to getting this project complete.

I have the paint for the interior, from PTI, sold by Aircraft Spruce.  The color is HEATHGRAY, matched, as close as I can tell, to the color of the powder coated parts.  Some of the parts are now with the painter and I am prepping to be able so send off the rest of the interior to be painted.

I have now installed the floor stiffeners, the exhaust tunnel, and the fuel line cover.


After 30 minutes or more, I finally have these photos where I want them.. WP is sometimes very difficult to work with. The other things I worked on were the instrument panel and firewall flange installations. Here are some photos of that experience.



I am fairly please with the instrument panel, but quite disappointed with the results on the firewall Flange. I wish there were a more accurate method of getting the flange in exactly the right place. But it is done, and now I will have to deal with any adverse consequences that may arise.

Today, the 29th of November 2015, I expect to complete the installation of the firewall and instrument panels to the point described in the BM.