Wing Kit


The Wing kit along with the Tail Cone kit arrived on July 14, 2014 in this crate.

DSC_0008Here it is, in this crate.  I have unpacked the crate and set aside all the Tail Cone parts to be inventoried after I finish with the Wing parts.  There are a lot of parts to the wing and it is very tedious work getting an accurate inventory of all the parts.  When the inventory is complete, I will have packed all the wing parts back in the crate and sealed it up.  I will then inventory the Tail Cone and complete that kit before moving on to this kit.  In fact, if at all possible, I will get the fuselage kit and maybe the finish kit, so I can see how everything will be going together before moving on to this kit as I know it is going to be the most difficult of all.

It is now August 1st and I completed as much of the rib 1 and 9 modifications as I can do at this time.

DSC_0003 DSC_0002





These both show the Rib 9 mods.  I mistakenly deleted the pics of the Rib 1 mods, and will wait till they are complete before taking new ones and inserting them.  Most of this is intuitive as the holes are pre-drilled for placement and alignment.  As you can see, I cleaned off the part of the stiffener that overlapped the lightening holes, just cause.


It is now lunch break on Saturday the 2nd of August.  I just clecoed this together for fit and to see what it would look like.  Now I have to set up the jig, which will probably take me the rest of today and tomorrow.  But then it will be pedal to the metal.

The jig is up.  And, the right wing has been mounted and ready to be aligned.

For more detailed descriptions and larger images, use the Right Wing Kit or Left Wing Kit Construction menu item just below the Wing Kit menu item that brought you to this page.

It is October 13, 2014 and the right wing is complete.  See the Construction menu item for more detail.  I just thought I would post a couple of the finished product and a brief narrative on insuring that there is no twist and that both wings will be the same.


You may not be able to see this, but there are NO proud stems.  For the places where I could use the #40 dimple die, I drilled to #40, dimpled, installed, up drilled, and riveted using -42 C rivets.  Where I could not use the #40 dimple die, I followed the normal process but used -43 C rivets.  I will continue this throughout the rest of the build.

Below, is probably the best tool that I acquired to make this build easier.  $35 from Lowes and you can see that if you position your wing jig at the right height, you can use it to hold the skin up while you get it positioned.  It carries all my clecos and tools while I roll around on the creeper in sitting position.



I want to show you my rib alignment tool.  I looked around for a long stick and all I could find was a paint roller extension.  Not wanting to mess up the extension, I found an old paint roller and cut the roller part off.  This worked very well to get the ribs lined up with the pre-punched holes.





So, with the exception of the fuel tank, the right wing is finished and put in the stand for storage and transport to the hangar after both wings are finished.

Now, on to the left wing where I will show those things that are different from the right wing and things that I discover along the way.


Sunday November 30, 2014 and the left wing, also with the exception of the fuel tank, is finished.  This wing will stay on the jig until I am able to finish and install the tanks.  I will then build a stand for this wing and plan to move both wings to the hangar at that time.  We will probably have a “show and tell” at that time.

Now, since the BM for the tail cone is complete, I will go back to that and get it finished while I wait for the Plans and BM for the fuel tanks.

PS: I am kind of glad that the plans and BM for the fuel tanks and that Tony advised me to wait for them, because, I may be switching to the UL Power 350iS which requires a different fuel supply than does the Corvair.  Corvair, simple.  UL Power is, NOT.  Why can’t I be satisfied with simple?