Canopy Hinge Security and Locate Engine Air Breather

Earlier this week, I installed the two screws that will keep the hinge pins from working out of the canopy hinges during flight.  I simply drilled and tapped the angle to accept a #6 screw inserted in the hinge pin tab and threaded into the angle.  The hole in the hinge pin tab had to be enlarged slightly.

2017-09-02_canopyhingesecurity_02 2017-09-02_canopyhingesecurity_01

Then today, September 3, 2017, I completed the installation of the air breather hose and filter.  The available space aft of the throttle body, to which the filter would normally be mounted, is just too tight on this isa version of the UL350is and my choice of throttle cable only made it worse.  Thus, I installed a remote air filter.  I do not think this is unusual and do not expect any problems from doing this.  I just have to make absolutely certain that nothing is going to get into that fly-wheel.

2017-09-03_airbreatherfilter_02 2017-09-03_airbreatherfilter_01